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Dr. Huynh-Le

Dr. Huynh-Le

Naples Dentist Receives AGD Mastership Award

Naples (July 26, 2016) - The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) is pleased to announce that Mai Huynh-Le, DMD, MAGD, of Naples, Florida, received the association's Mastership Award during the AGD 2016 annual meeting, which took place July 14 to 17 in Boston.

The Mastership Award is the AGD's highest honor and one of the most respected designations within the profession. To earn this award, Dr. Huynh-Le completed 1,100 hours of dental continuing education.

As a Mastership Award recipient, Dr. Huynh-Le joins more than 2,300 active AGD Masters who have gone above and beyond the basic requirements to care for their patients' oral health.

"This award requires an extraordinary amount of time and effort," says AGD Immediate Past President W. Mark Donald, DMD, MAGD. "Dr. Huynh-Le should be commended for her unflagging commitment to continuing education, which allows her to provide the best possible dental care and oral health education to her patients."

Dr. Huynh-Le graduated from Medical University in 2003 and currently practices dentistry in Naples. Her practice is Park Family & Cosmetic Dentistry located at 690 Goodlette Frank Road North, Naples, FL 34102. She and her husband, Dr. Long Huynh, have 3 children, Dawson, Daniel, and Katie.

About the Academy of General Dentistry
AGD Master Logo The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) is a professional association of 41,000 general dentists dedicated to providing quality dental care and oral health education to the public. AGD members stay up-to-date in their profession through a commitment to continuing education. Founded in 1952, the AGD is the second largest dental association in the United States, and it is the only association that exclusively serves the needs and represents the interests of general dentists. A general dentist is the primary care provider for patients of all ages and is responsible for the diagnosis, treatment, management, and overall coordination of services related to patients' oral health needs. For more information about the AGD, visit www.agd.org.

Doctor Huynh-Le earned her doctorate in dental medicine from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) College of Dental medicine (CDM) in 2003. Dr. Huynh-Le earned her MBA degree from USF in May 2017.

In 2001 the college named Dr. Huynh-Le College of Dental Medicine Annual Fund Scholar for her high level of academic and clinical achievements. She graduated with distinctive honors and ranked first in clinical performance. Her honors in 2003 include Academy of Operative Dentistry Award, Dentsply-Ceramco Fixed Prosthodontic Award, Dentsply Merit in Removable Prosthodontics, and American College of Prosthodontists Undergraduate Achievement Award.

Dr. Huynh-Le attended a one year residency program, Advanced Education in General Dentistry at MUSC, CDM to further her dental education. She was appointed to a clinical instructor position at The Division of Fixed Prosthodontics, MUSC, CDM the following year. She practiced general dentistry in St. Petersburg, FL for two years prior to relocating to Naples in 2007.

Dr. Huynh-Le is a member of the American Dental Association, Florida Dental Association, West Coast District Dental Association, and the Academy of General Dentistry. She continues to be a diligent student of dentistry, taking continued education courses at the Dawson Center, the Pankey Institute, and University of Florida to better serve her patients. She completed 25 month Comprehensive Dentistry program in 2012 and 13 month Executive Practice Management program in 2014 at the University of Florida College of Dentistry. Dr. Huynh-Le received Fellowship Award in 2012 and Mastership Award in 2016 from the Academy of General Dentistry.

Dr. Huynh-Le founded Park Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in 2009 and has grown from 5 member team to a team of 5 doctors, 4 hygienists and 20 support staff members currently.

Dr. Mai Huynh-Le is married to Dr. Long Huynh, who is also a general dentist. They live right here in Naples, and have three beautiful children: Dawson, Daniel, and Katie. Dr. Huynh-Le enjoys spending time with her family, and watching movies in her spare time.

Here's how people describe me:
Dr. Mai Huynh-Le - As an intelligent, dedicated, focused, diligent, exemplary professional, you are detailed, organized, responsible, persistent and determined. Though tiny in frame, your compassionate, loving, caring, nurturing nature is a huge presence. You are funny and secretly sarcastic. (Sssshhhhh... I won't tell.) Your generous, impartial, strong, confident and encouraging ways make you a strong leader. Always optimistic, you are sincere, and thankful for what life brings you. Your team views you as an amazing mother who is friendly, quiet, kind, sweet, honest, sensitive and gentle. Dr. Huynh-Le you are treasured.

Our Dentists:
  Dr. Mai Huynh-Le, DMD
  Dr. Long Huynh, DMD
  Dr. Robert Bracho, DDS
  Dr. William Campbell, DMD
  Dr. Tamer Eshra, DDS

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Here are the languages spoken in our office, in alphabetical order: Creole, English, Polish, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

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