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Dr. Ana Scopu

Dr. Scopu

In 2014, Dr. Ana Scopu DDS, MSc was one of fewer than 20 general dentists in the United States to have completed a Master's degree in Specialized Orthodontics at the prestigious International Medical College at Munster University in Germany. This illustrious master's program is recognized in 29 European countries and is a collaboration between six universities across Europe and Asia -- all of which are listed, signed and stamped by the dean of each university on her academic Certificate of Achievement. Dr. Scopu radiates when recalling, "It was amazing and exciting to collaborate with doctors from all around the world, learning new techniques and treating patients in Europe." The master's program consisted of over 1,500 study hours and completion of a master's thesis prior to graduation. Dr. Scopu's paper was specifically on orthodontic treatment in conjunction with skeletal anchorage in the treatment of Maxillary Vertical Excess as an alternative to bimaxillary orthognathic surgery.

In addition, Dr. Scopu has had previous orthodontic training with Progressive Orthodontic Seminars. In 2011, she received their two-year Comprehensive Orthodontic Training. In 2012, she followed it up with a one-year program in Advanced Orthodontics, and holds a Certificate of Completion for both. Dr. Scopu graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from NYU College of Dentistry in 2007 and holds both Florida and New York state dental licenses. She completed her undergraduate training at Binghamton University NY, where she received a Bachelor's of Arts in Biology prior to attending dental school.

Since graduating NYUCD, she has completed a one-year general residency program at Wyckoff Heights Medical center in Brooklyn NY in 2008. The program was heavily oriented in Oral Surgery and Prosthodontics. Dr. Scopu, because of her interest in esthetic dentistry and function, voluntarily spent every Saturday working on complex dental cases at the New York Hospital Queens Prosthodontic Residency Program with the Prosthodontic Residence. During the residency program, Dr. Scopu was the only doctor selected to work side by side with the clinic director, Dr. Miller, to treat severely disabled children in the operating room. Dr. Scopu was also frequently chosen to assist the attending oral surgeon in OR with orthognathic surgery. Dr. Scopu remembers this as one of the best years of her life in achieving personal and professional growth. As she says, "It opened my eyes to how special dentistry was and how I was privileged to be a part of it."

For six years Dr. Scopu worked alongside her husband Mr. Boban Milentijevic, Master Dental Technician in Function and Occlusion and National Board Certified Dental Technician in Ceramics, creating beautiful smiles at their previous private practice in NY. For over 10 years, Dr. Scopu has completed numerous Continuing Education Courses in Function, Treatment Planning, Esthetic Dentistry, Orthodontics and Implantology. She thrives learning and implementing these new facets into everyday practice. She's frequently leading the industry in perfecting and using newer, more advanced techniques and equipment.

Dr. Scopu is originally from NY and has lived there most of her life. She is trilingual in English, Serbian and Romanian. Dr. Scopu and her husband are excited to have settled down in Southwest Florida. She is a very happy mom to a boy named Stefan. She has embraced this role wholeheartedly and really enjoys every minute of his development. When outside the office, Dr. Scopu loves spending time with her husband, enjoying the little and big things they do together. She loves walking on the beach and taking time out to be grateful. Dr. Scopu also enjoys personal growth and helping people whenever she can.

Here's how people describe me:
Dr. Ana Scopu, you are a bright and successful professional. You are loved by your team for being resourceful, focused, capable, and hardworking. Your patients love you because you are friendly, caring, and compassionate. You are appreciated for your honesty, frankness, and outspokenness. Ambitious, confident, focused, and independent-Dr. Scopu, you are unstoppable.

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Here are the languages spoken in our office: English, Spanish, Arabic, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, and Vietnamese.

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"I would rate him as the best dentist I have had in my lifetime... I would rate him an A+ in skill and as a person who cares."     Dr. Stash Pawlinski
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