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Making Two Huge Front Teeth Look Attractive

Posted by writeradmin

I have two front teeth that are way to big. They are much longer than my other teeth and stick out. I feel like a rabbit. I’ve done some research, but everything online seems to contradict each other. I’m almost to the point of thinking I should take them out and replace them with dental implants. Has this been done before? If so, do you know of a good dentist to do it if I live in the northeast? I’m willing to travel to get it done right.


Dear Sarah,

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Please don’t remove your teeth! I would recommend dental implants if you HAD to lose those teeth, but it is always better if you can save them. Your teeth are not in danger and there are good solutions for your problem; solutions that will allow you to keep your teeth and have a beautiful smile at the same time. You will need an expert cosmetic dentist to do it, which we will get to in a moment. First, the solution.

Bear in mind that I have not actually examined you. This is based solely on my perception of your description. A great solution for this would be to trim then straighten the teeth. Your front teeth can be gently trimmed using diamond burs and diamond strips. This can be done on both the sides to narrow them, as well as the biting edge, to shorten them. Then, they can be moved into place with Invisalign, which is an orthodontic system that allows you to straighten your teeth invisibly. A dentist can do it, so you do not have to see an orthodontist. If your teeth are so large that they require a great deal of trimming and it exposes the dentin, porcelain veneers can be used to cover the exposed dentin.

The most important aspect to this is the dentist you choose to do it. Given the advanced nature requires a great deal of expertise, I would recommend you get a top of the line cosmetic dentist. In your place, I would get a dentist who is accredited with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). This is completely different from simple AACD membership. Any dentist can be a member of the AACD. In order to get accredited, a dentist will have to pass stringent exams, as well as demonstrate their artistry with a board of examiners. These are the best cosmetic dentists and any of them can give you a beautiful smile.

When you go, remember that they are actually looking at your smile, so they may have different advice than I have. If they’re an expert cosmetic dentist, such as an AACD accredited dentist, then you will be safe with their advice.

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