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White Spots on Teeth

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I had braces and after they were removed several of the teeth, including the front teeth, have white spots on them.  I really wish I would have done Invisalign now because I don’t think this would have happened if I had, but the orthodontist said that braces were a much better solution. I went to my dentist and he said that teeth whitening would not work to fix these and I should just get Lumineers. I priced those and couldn’t believe that is what he was suggesting. I just spent $4,000 on braces and now he wants me to spend more than that on Lumineers. I feel like I am being taken advantage of. Will teeth whitening really not work for this?


Tooth bleaching trays

Let’s start with the Invisalign. Unless your case was unusually complicated, Invisalign would have been a great way to straighten your teeth. Some orthodontists try to steer every patient away from Invisalign because they are bothered that general dentists can do them. Others embrace the technology and offer it at their office along with traditional braces. Your orthodontist may be in the previous category.

As for the teeth whitening, while I do not agree with the treatment that your dentist is suggesting, he is correct that teeth whitening won’t work for this. The reason for this is that teeth whitening will bleach your teeth evenly. So, while it will make your teeth whiter, the white spots will become whiter too.

The solution to this lies in the reason for the white spots. In most cases, white spots after braces means there is decalcification. Those are precursors to decay and happen when the patient has a hard time getting their tooth brush around all those metal wires and brackets. You will want to have some microabrasion done to remove the decalcified area, and then cover the spots with dental bonding.

A side by side image of teeth before and after dental bonding.

Dental bonding is done using a composite material. You will want an expert cosmetic dentist to do this work because it is a very advanced procedure. Not only does it require technical knowledge on the type of fillers and ways to match the color and translucency exactly, but it has to be done freehand on the spot. Do NOT let your dentist do it. The treatment he suggested has two problems. First, it is a massive overtreatment, which tells me he does not do a lot of dental bonding. Which leads to the second reason- he recommended Lumineers. This particular brand of porcelain veneers is highly marketed to inexperienced cosmetic dentists as being easy to place because they are “no-prep”. If you let him do this, you will not like the results. In your place, I would look for an AACD accredited dentist to do your work. These are the top cosmetic dentists in the country.

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