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At-Home Bleaching Instructions

A woman shows a bright smile while resting her head.Daytime Bleaching

  • Use normal oral hygiene measures (flossing and brushing) prior to bleaching.
  • Place a few drops or a thin bead of the bleaching agent (Carbamide Peroxide) into the reservoir (space corresponding to each tooth) of your custom tray.
  • Insert the custom tray into your mouth over the teeth and expectorate the excess bleaching agent, but do not rinse your mouth since this will dilute the agent and make it less effective. You should also use a clean Q-tiptm and wipe off any excess material off of your gums.
  • Wear the tray as instructed, which is usually from half to one hour per day.
  • Never wear the tray while eating.
  • After completing the daily bleaching session, remove the tray and clean it with a toothbrush. Rinse it completely and store it in the retainer box we supplied to you until the next bleaching session.

Sensations: If you have gum soreness or tooth sensitivity, please discontinue the treatment and notify us.

Office Evaluations: It is very important that evaluations be adhered to during the treatment. If this is impossible, treatment should be discontinued until you can visit our office so that we can monitor the treatment.

Storage: When not in use store your bleaching trays in the supplied container, and place the container in a safe place (out of reach of small children or pets).

Questions: It is important that you understand that the degree of whitening varies with each patient. Factors such as intrinsic (staining from within the tooth), and diet can affect the outcome and success of the procedure. Sore spots on the gums may be the result of the tray itself and not the bleaching agent, it is therefore important that you notify us of this so we can evaluate and correct the problem with a minor adjustment. At times, additional treatment (touch-up) may be needed in order to help maintain the desired color.

If you experience these or any other problems, please contact our office. We’re here for you!