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Naples, FL Composite Bonding

Photo of a woman showing a beautiful smile.Anything that affects the appearance of your teeth — even something as small as a gap, chip, or spot — can have a serious impact on your image and self-confidence. With dental bonding, imperfections like these can be corrected in one quick visit, without veneers or orthodontic treatment, so you can get back to showing the world your smile.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a procedure in which a composite material is applied directly to your teeth. When done by an experienced dentist with a well-trained artistic eye, composite bonding can be used to seamlessly close a gap between teeth, restore a broken or chipped tooth, or correct tooth discoloration.

Side-by-side photos of a patient's upper teeth both before and after composite bonding was used to correct a front tooth chip.

How Composite Bonding Works

A tooth is prepared before composite bonding material is applied.
The tooth is roughened prior to bonding.

Before bonding can begin, the affected tooth must be prepared so that the composite material will securely adhere to it. An etching solution opens up pores in the enamel. Then a clear bonding liquid is applied. It seeps into the pores, and a special light causes a hardening reaction. The composite is then sculpted into shape over the bonding resin and similarly hardened with a special light. Finally, we finally shape the hardened composite and polish it.

The Park Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Difference

Dental bonding is a complex art, one that is performed freehand by the dentist from start to finish. Post-graduate training helps prepare a dentist for this artistic work, which isn’t emphasized in dental school.

Teeth have complex color properties. They are translucent, with the outer enamel layer being the most translucent part. There are also subtle gradations of color within the tooth. The enamel has a high luster. To fully mimic tooth appearance, a variety of composite materials have to be used, of varying translucencies and color gradations. Dr. Long is the only accredited cosmetic dentist in Napes. To earn that accreditation, he had to demonstrate his skill in dental bonding to a panel of experts. Others of our dentists have also had extensive training in cosmetic dentistry and are on a path to becoming accredited. They all produce beautiful results.

I had bonding that needed to be redone, and I could not be happier with the results. The experience was fantastic from the time I walked through the door. Dr. Long is an extraordinary cosmetic dentist. He has to be one of the top cosmetic dentists in the country, and I am truly impressed. He really listens and guides you to decisions based on your best interest and stands by his work. — Candace D.

Restore Your Smile

We’d love to help you put your tooth imperfections behind you so that you can smile freely again. You can schedule an appointment with us by calling our office at (239) 206-1500. You can also request an appointment online, and we’ll give you a call to schedule.