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Naples, FL Dentures

A senior couple sits together outdoors, smiling.You deserve dentures that fit comfortably, look natural, and make you want to smile. You deserve quality dentures. At Park Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we follow a comprehensive, multi-step process to deliver you custom dentures with the perfect fit, look, and feel for you.

Our Process

Our process begins with gathering all necessary maxillofacial measurements so that we can determine the most precise fit for your dentures. Where some dental practices take shortcuts to keep costs at a minimum, we remain faithful to every step of the measurement process because we refuse to compromise on quality.

The first step involves obtaining digital impressions of your upper and lower arches using an intraoral scanner. From these measurements, we create a custom tray for collecting two different physical impressions of each arch using putty. The first of these is done with a heavy-bodied impression material to most accurately record the boundaries of each arch. For the second physical impression, we use a light-bodied version of the putty to capture all of the fine details contained within each arch.

Next, we work to determine vertical dimension, or the ideal vertical distance between the upper and lower dentures. To do this, we build wax rims onto temporary acrylic bases, try them on in your mouth, and adjust them as needed until the correct dimension is established. This is a crucial step, as optimal function, aesthetics, comfort, and even speech depend on accurate vertical dimension. At this time, we also use a facebow to collect jaw and facial measurements that affect your bite. These measurements are then transferred to an articulator, which creates a custom simulation of your jaw movement so that we can accurately recreate a balanced bite for your dentures.

A photo of a full set of newly constructed dentures.We then communicate all specifications to the trusted dental laboratory technician so your dentures can be created. For durability and stability, our dentures consist of composite or high-quality acrylic teeth set in an acrylic base. But there is one last step, a final check we need to do, before the dentures can be completed. For this step, the technician attaches the newly constructed teeth to the wax rims we created earlier to form a set of temporary dentures for you to try on.

A senior man in a dental chair smiles as he looks at himself in the mirror with a dental professional assisting beside him.This gives you the opportunity to see what your new smile will look like! It also allows us to examine the fit, function, and comfort of your dentures as well as the quality of your speech so that we can make any adjustments necessary before your dentures are finalized. When everything is exactly as it should be, your new teeth are set into their permanent acrylic base. And your new smile is complete!

“My new dentures make me feel so comfortable and I can eat now! It is a journey but Park Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is helping me through it with grace and dignity. Go there! You will be SO HAPPY!” — Sallie R.

It is our pleasure to provide quality dentures to our patients. Through our comprehensive process, we make every effort to ensure that your dentures will be as comfortable as they can possibly be. Of course, even the best-made dentures do not have the stability of natural teeth. But with implant-supported dentures, it is possible to feel that stability again.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are anchored to your jawbone through fixtures which are implanted into the bone and attached to the dentures. This way, they won’t tend to slide around, and you won’t have to work to hold them still with your tongue. Dental implants also offer the benefit of protecting your jawbone from shrinking over time due to a process known as bone resorption which occurs in the absence of your natural teeth. For more information about the benefits of securing your dentures with implants, visit our page on implant-supported dentures.

Where to Start

Whether you’re ready for removable or implant-supported dentures, we would love to help you. You can schedule your initial appointment by calling our office at (239) 206-1500. If you prefer, simply request an appointment online, and we’ll be happy to call you to get you scheduled.