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Naples, FL Tetracycline Stains

You deserve a smile you can show confidently. With porcelain veneers at Park Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, you can put tetracycline stains behind you and move forward with a brand new smile!

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Treatment for Tetracycline Stains

Diagram of a tooth covered by a porcelain veneer.Because they are deeply embedded in the tooth, tetracycline stains are the most difficult to treat. While they do respond to powerful bleaching products such as KöR Whitening, this type of staining will never be completely removed through whitening treatment. For your most beautiful, natural-looking smile, you’ll want porcelain veneers. A porcelain veneer is a thin wafer of porcelain that completely covers your tooth to give it a brand new look.

But even using porcelain veneers, the results can be less than optimum. These stains are so dark and so deeply embedded that it requires advanced training in color management to block out the color without leaving you with an opaque, unnatural smile. Some dentists then, out of frustration, will want to grind all the front teeth down and put full crowns on. But that aggressive treatment isn’t necessary.

When veneered by an experienced professional, teeth stained by tetracycline can be made to sparkle and shine with natural translucency, yet without the dark bands underneath shining through. As the only accredited cosmetic dentist in Naples, Dr. Long Huynh is experienced with custom designing porcelain veneers to treat even the toughest cases. Our veneers are made of top-quality ceramics and meticulously crafted by a master ceramist in our in-house dental laboratory. At Park Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, treatment with porcelain veneers begins with a comprehensive dental exam. To learn more about our treatment process, visit our Porcelain Veneers page.

Beautiful Smile Guarantee

Dr. Long and our other cosmetic dentists at Park Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offer what we call a beautiful smile guarantee when we do smile makeovers. When doing porcelain veneers, we will try them on your teeth first to let you see how they will look. If for any reason you aren’t thrilled with how your smile looks, we will make whatever changes are needed to produce what in your eyes is a beautiful result. We won’t bond the veneers on unless you love them.

Your New Smile Awaits

When you’re ready to get started with your new smile, give us a call at (239) 206-1500 to schedule your exam. You can also request an appointment online, and we’ll give you a call for scheduling.

If you’d prefer to meet with us to get your questions answered before committing to a paid exam, we welcome you to schedule a complimentary consultation by phone or online.

Whitening Tetracycline Stains

Close-up of a woman inserting a teeth whitening tray into her mouth.While we do recommend porcelain veneers for complete restoration of a smile affected by tetracycline stains, we understand that treatment preferences vary from patient to patient. For the most powerful in teeth whitening, we offer KöR Whitening, an in-home solution that brightens stubborn stains while not completely removing them. Visit our KöR Whitening page for more information on whitening treatment.