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Can I Get Some of the Shine Taken Off Of My Porcelain Veneers?

Posted by writeradmin

I had porcelain veneers done and they are unnaturally shiny. Every time I have a picture taken it is even more obvious the teeth are fake. They are like this slick super white piece of chicklet gum that has a spotlight on it. Is there a way to at least reduce some of this shine?


Dear Cameron,

A Skilled Tooth Repair


You have brought up a very important principle when it comes to making a beautiful smile makeover – the texture of the teeth. The shine you are getting is from the glaze, which is an important part of porcelain veneers. Without the glaze, your porcelain veneers will pick up stains very quickly and look dingy and unhygienic. However, if the texture is not done properly, the glaze will look slick and over shiny. I believe this is what you are facing.

Look at the image above. One of the lateral incisors is fake. However, you can’t tell. Look also at the teeth themselves. Notice that the teeth are not flat. There are a varying not only of textures, but of translucency versus opacity. This is what is necessary for a skilled cosmetic dentist to do in order for the glaze to do it’s job while allowing the teeth to look completely natural.

It doesn’t sound like your dentist is an expert cosmetic dentist. It is not a recognized specialty so any general dentist can do cosmetic procedures.

Your original question was can you reduce the shine. Unfortunately, the only way to reduce the shine is to remove it. You won’t want to do that because, as I said above, your teeth will quickly pick up stains.

Your best option is to talk to the dentist who did your smile makeover. You can ask him to either give you a refund so you can get your smile makeover re-done by an expert cosmetic dentist or to re-do the porcelain veneers himself. You paid to get a beautiful smile makeover, and that is what you should get.

If he or she chooses to re-do the smile makeover, make sure he is willing to do it first putting in the porcelain veneers with a temporary try-in paste. This is so you can get a good look at them in different lightings. If you are not thrilled with them, then they need to go back to the lab for changes. If you are thrilled with them, then he can permanently bond them on.

If your dentist chooses to give you a refund, you need to go to an expert cosmetic dentist to have this work done. The best cosmetic dentists are AACD accredited. That is the type of dentist I would look for to do your smile makeover.

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