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Do Metal Dental Implants Cause Neurological Problems?

Posted by writeradmin

I read online that data has shown that metal implants cause neurological problems after about ten years of use. I currently have two titanium implants and my dentist is saying I will need a third. I’m going to get zirconia this time around, even if I have to go to another dentist. My dentist doesn’t currently carry them. What I need to know is if it is possible to switch out the two metal ones I have for the zirconia at the same time?


Dear Darlene,

An image of both titanium and zirconia dental implants


I would love to know what article you read online. I have a strong suspicion that there is no data sited to back up their claims from a reputable source. There is a lot of information online. Some of it is great. Some it is trying to push an agenda using fear tactics. Some is simply click bait. My guess would be the article you came across would fall squarely in the second category.

Metal dental implants have been in use for decades. The metal used in them is titanium, which has not only served to help give people teeth back, but hips, legs, arms, etc.. It has been the standard in many prosthetics. In all of that time, there has not been any research that showed it had neurological ill effects.

There would be nothing wrong with you getting a zirconia implant for your next one. I would, however, exercise caution in replacing the two you already have if they are in good condition. It is not a matter of simply taking them out and putting different ones in their place.

First, you’ll need surgery to remove the dental implants. The removal process will take bone with it. That means you will need a second surgery for bone grafting. Then, after that is healed, you will finally, in a third additional surgery, be able to place the new dental implant. At each of these stages, you risk failure of the implants because surgery always has risks even if everything is done right.

My suggestion would be to leave the current implants as they are. You really don’t have to worry about any neurological risks.

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