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Dentist Can’t Get Me Numb

Posted by writeradmin

I have an issue where I have two infected teeth but my dentist is unable to get me numb. He put a numbing medication on my gums and tried 7 different shots, none of which worked. He doesn’t know what to do and just refunded my fee. I’ve been living on a prescription of ultracet for the past week and just can’t keep going this way. Do you have any suggestions for me?


Dear Beth,

Woman asleep in a chair from dental sedation


I feel confident I know what is going on and can be of help to you. Not many dentists realize that there is a connection between the efficacy of numbing medication and dental anxiety. When you are anxious about a dental appointment, and many people are, it increases your metabolism in a way that burns off the numbing medication before it has an opportunity to it’s job. Fortunately, there is a rather simple solution.

The key is to not be anxious. Now before you toss your computer or phone across the room, keep reading. After all, electronics are expensive!  There is a medication that sedation dentists can provide for anxious patients that completely relaxes them and allows the numbing medication to do it’s job. In fact, it is so effective most people sleep through their procedure. Most sedation dentists offer two levels of sedation. Nitrous oxide is the weakest and not what I recommend for you because of how difficult your appointment was. The next level is oral conscious sedation, which is administered by a pill. Dr. Long, also offers a third level of sedation for those with crippling anxiety. The key will be to meet with a sedation dentist and discuss which will be best for you.

I am concerned that your dentist provided you with a pain killer without also providing you with an antibiotic. While an antibiotic will not cure a tooth infection, it will keep it at bay in the short term. Once the antibiotics run out, the infection will return if you don’t get treatment done. However, he’s just left your infection to grow. This worries me and I do not want you to end up with a dental emergency that turns life threatening.

These tooth infections spread and people still die from them. Call your dentist and ask him for a clindamycin prescription to tide you over while you find a sedation dentist. This will change your life. Well, at least your dental experiences.

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