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Antibiotics for a Tooth Infection

Posted by writeradmin

I had a dental infection and tried to ignore it. The pain became too much to bear, even for this dental chicken, so I forced myself to a dentist. He gave me some antibiotics. Everything got better for a while and I was very excited because that was the easiest dental appointment I’d ever had. However, now the pain is back and I feel like it is getting worse. In fact, my cheek is starting to swell up. Do I need another round of antibiotics or is something else going on?


Dear Jim,

An image of a man holding his cheek in pain, needing an emergency dentist.


I am a bit concerned here. I hope there was just a miscommunication here and not that your dentist does not understand how dental infections work. Antibiotics alone do not solve a tooth infection. All they can do is hold the infection at bay until the real treatment can be done. He should have told you to schedule a follow up an appointment. I don’t understand why he didn’t.

The only way to truly get rid of a dental infection is for the dentist to get in there and physically remove the infected pulp of the tooth. That is done one of two ways. The first is by a root canal treatment. This is the best option because it saves the physical tooth. The second is by getting the tooth extracted. If this happened, you will also want to replace the lost tooth. Otherwise, your other teeth will drift or tip into the empty space. This will throw off your bite and could lead to TMJ Disorder.

The reason you are hurting again is the antibiotics have run out and now the infection has blown back up. Now it is spreading and has made its way up your cheek. You do not want this to reach your brain. I would consider this a dental emergency and get seen sooner rather than later.

I know you are not comfortable at the dentist. Because of that I am going to suggest you go see a sedation dentist. They can provide you with a medication that will completely relax you as well as give you a pain-free appointment. Patients with severe dental anxiety find that it changes their life.

Please don’t put off seeing a dentist. I don’t want this to get worse. Untreated tooth infections still kill people.

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