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Big Problems with a Tooth Extraction

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I had a tooth extracted and the whole process has been a nightmare. When I was in the dental chair, it took him over twelve shots to get me numb enough where I could deal with the procedure. It was absolutely awful and something I never want to experience again in my life. Several days after the procedure a bone spur appeared at the same spot of the extraction. Now every time my tongue even brushes the area it sends shivers of pain down my cheek. I went back to the dentist and it took him another 30 minutes to remove it, again finding it almost impossible to get me numb. Now it has been about eight days and a bony ridge has appeared. I don’t think I can bear going back. Is this normal to have all of these problems? I am starting to loose confidence in this dentist.


Dear Isobel,

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You have had such a hard time. I want to give you something that will help any further dental appointments so that you are not afraid to get your oral health taken care of without fear or pain. There is a connection between dental anxiety and the ability to get numb. The higher your dental anxiety, the more difficult it is to get numb and stay numb. This is because your body’s metabolism burns off the numbing medication.

The good news is that there is a solution to this problem. My recommendation is that you see a sedation dentist to have your dental work done. This relaxes you. When you are relaxed, it enables your numbing medication to do its job. For some patients, with mild dental anxiety, using just nitrous oxide is enough. However, with severe anxiety, I recommend you see someone who offers oral conscious sedation. This is administered by a pill but is quite strong. In fact, you will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment as well as stay with  you for a few hours at home until you are lucid and steady on your feet. You will be so relaxed that you could even sleep through the appointment if you wanted to.

As for the bony ridge that has showed up, this is actually normal. You don’t notice this at first because of the swelling, but as the swelling reduces, the bone will show up. If any of it is sticking out like the spur and bothering you, then your dentist can smooth it over or even clip it. However, you probably will need another dentist. This one does not seem to be the best dentist for you because you’ll need someone who understands how to help your anxiety.

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